Yash Mundra

Computer Science, Cornell 2021.

Work Experience

Software Developer Intern

Girnar Software

  • Worked on their CarDekho.com portal, one of India’s leading car search ventures with a team of 10+ members
  • Designed and implemented a publish-subscribe based message queuing system in order to help manage traffic between host connections and messaging bots used for marketing and 2 factor authentication.
  • Designed a broadcasting system with low latency and non persistent messages to help connect data informing APIs and the core system
  • Contrasted the use of both RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka and made demos with both in order to determine the best platform.
  • Ultimately, used RabbitMQ to implement the systems along with a Spring-AMQP based backend in order to maintain compatibility with their existing systems.

June 2019 - July 2019

Software Developer Intern

Educommerce Technologies

  • Collaborated with a team of developers to improve the functionality of an education service product by focusing on the UI/UX on the administration dashboard.
  • Designed and built a new front-end dashboard for the administration panel. Developed a dynamic design using AngularJS.
  • Researched data management techniques to employ in their Android App, Myly.

May 2017 - August 2017


Cornell University

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
August 2017 - May 2021

Jayshree Periwal International School, Jaipur

international baccalaureate
April 2011 - June 2017


Daily Brief

  • Daily Brief is a progressive web app utilizing Google’s T5 Transformers to provide digestible summary of the top news stories of the day.
  • Utilized PyTorch to finetune T5-small on CNN/Daily Mail summarization Dataset.
  • Deployed as a Docker container on AWS’s ECS which runs twice a day to store the summarized news in a DynamoDB Database.
  • Used AWS’s Lambda and API Gateway to create a RESTful API to retrieve data from DynamoDB.
  • Created a front-end using React Native which fetched data through the API.
  • Link: https://news-app-a8a95.web.app/

SIA (Swachh India App)

  • Conceptualized and created an Android app to raise awareness about COVID and give advice on prevention.
  • Features included location based reminders(regarding mask use), and time based reminders for pre-made and custom tips.
  • Utilized React-Native for the front-end, Node-js for the back-end. Used Expo’s libraries for native functionality.
  • Supported both Hindi and English languages using the i18n-js library.
  • Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.SIA

Ocaml Based Physics Simulator and Game

  • Conceptualized and created an Ocaml based solar system simulator.
  • Allowed the user to create and simulate the motions of celestial bodies in a two dimensional space
  • Functions as 2D terminal based game where the user controls a spaceship.
  • Based on Riemann sum approximation of Newtonian physics.
  • Project Repo: https://github.com/yashmundra13/Physics-Simulator

Logistic Regression Based Classifier

  • Created a classifier for the Story Cloze Test using only the endings.
  • Trained on a dataset of 10000+. Achieved an Accuracy of 70 percent
  • Utilized Scikit’s sklearn along with Spacy’s POS Tagger. Used character n-grams, POS tags n-grams along with length of endings as features.
  • Developed a robust backend using PHP and MySQL.
  • Project Repo: https://github.com/yashmundra13/Story-Cloze-Feature

Recurrent Neural Network

Content management system

  • Conceptualized and created a a recurrent neural network to classify Yelp Reviews and the stars each review received.
  • Trained on a dataset of 10000+.
  • Utilized Pytorch along with Gensim’s Glove6B word embeddings
  • Developed a robust backend using PHP and MySQL.
  • Project Repo: https://github.com/yashmundra13/RNN

Assignment Manager

Content management system

  • Conceptualized and created a web-based solution for teachers to management school assignments in a high school.
  • Implemented features for the publishing, indexing, search control and retrieval of assignments uploaded.
  • Allowed teachers in a high school to keep track of student’s assignments.
  • Developed a robust backend using PHP and MySQL.
  • Project Demo: www.mundra.net.in/am
  • Project Repository: https://github.com/yashmundra13/CMS